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Friday Fun: Worst Rock Tattoos

Even the worst rock tattoos can bring back some great memories. Remember that time you were so struck by the awesomeness of a Bob Dylan lyric and how deeply it addressed something you were going through in your life?
Or when you were so taken by the true rock star-ness of a musician ? perhaps, Ozzy Osbourne? ? that you just had to get them inked on your body? Well hopefully you didn?t rush into it like these folks on the following pages seem to have done.
01. The tossled hair, the blue eyes, the scruffy week-old beard?probably all on the checklist, but does anyone remember the Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain with a full goatee, an elongated head with octopus tentacles for hair, and eyes that look like they could shoot lasers?
02. The Demon! The Starchild! The Spaceman!, The Catman! The Fox!, The Wiz! and?the Werewolf? One of these things is not like the other! That last one was not a Kiss member, but rather a tattoo gone wrong when the artist decided to make the blood-thirsty Kiss tat become as hirsute as a Baldwin brother.
03. Is this a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, or did "Cheers" actress Shelley Long hack up some phlegm while choking on the vampire teeth from her Halloween costume?
04. This tattoo artist seems to have portrayed Jimi Hendrix on an especially foul-mooded day. But maybe that?s what "Crosstown Traffic" will do to a man.
05. Yes, we get it ? the English have bad teeth. But we?re not laying this one on Freddie Mercury.
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