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Green Day Song Is Like Flowers To Amy Winehouse

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has dedicated a song on the band's new album to Amy Winehouse.
The final track on "¡Dos!", titled "Amy", pays tribute to Amy Winehouse, who the band never met.
However Billie Joe, it "is their way of sending flowers" to the British musician, who died age 27.
He told The Sun newspaper about her tragic demise last year: "Her death was a big loss. I didn't know her but I was a fan of her music.
She brought the old soul and first wave of ska into a modern era. She was an unbelievable talent, so the song kind of wrote itself."
Amy's not the only tribute song on the albums.
On "¡TrÃ?!", the song "X-Kid" was written for an unnamed friend who recently committed suicide.
Mike explained: "It was a friend of ours who took an early exit.
He was a very close friend and he just never grew up. He just lived with his glory days behind him and didn't realise that his glory days were now in front of him. We love him dearly but life happened."
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