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Rolling Stones Announce Crossfire Hurricane Film

                           Rolling Stones Announce Crossfire Hurricane Film 

"Crossfire Hurricane," a new documentary about the history of The Rolling Stones, will debut fall as the band marks its 50th Anniversary.
Directed by Brett Morgen, the film provides a new perspective on the Stones? unparalleled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers in the early 60?s to rock royalty - from their first show at London?s Marquee Club to Hyde Park, from Altamont to Exile, from club gigs to stadium extravaganzas.
With never-before-seen footage and fresh insights from the band themselves, the film will delight, shock and amaze longtime devotees, as well as another generation of fans, with its uniquely immersive style and tone. The documentary promises to place the viewer right on the frontline of the band?s most legendary escapades
Taking its title from a lyric in "Umping Jack Flash," "Crossfire Hurricane" gives the audience an intimate insight, for the first time, into exactly what it?s like to be part of the Rolling Stones, as they overcame denunciation, drugs, dissensions and death to become the definitive survivors.
It?s being billed as the backstage pass to outdo them all.
Asked in a formative interview in the film what it is that sets them apart from other groups, frontman Mick Jagger says, "A Chemical Reaction Seems To Have Happened."
"You Can?t Really Stop The Rolling Stones," adds Keith Richards. "You Know When That Sort Of Avalanche Is Facing You, You Just Get Out Of The Way."
"Crossfire Hurricane" will premiere in UK theatres in October, followed by its US debut via HBO on November 15; it will also be broadcast on BBC Two later in the year.
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